Penot Digital Watch Face Design


Our layouts are simple and self evident we appreciate that new does not mean complicated, simple is optimal.

SGS Watch layout type l

Watch layout type l simplicity and straight forward time telling.

SGQ Watch layout type l

This is our first layot for the Samsung S watch.

SGQ Watch layout type ll

Here we show a second invention on the watch layout for the Samsung Gear S watch, we call it Q.



SGF Watch layout type l

This is the layout one for the Samsung Fit watch, we also show our World famous Impluvium watch face.

SGF Watch layout type ll

A very unique layout for the Samsung Fit watch, here displayed on the mediterranean stallion Lamborio Maschetti.


We at PENOT dream of making our creations come true, some do come to life like our watch faces and our t-shirts, but our bigest dreams are yet to be fulfilled. We dream of making our own designed digital watch and in that effort we are seeking investors. Should you have interest we would like to talk to you. Please send us a note and we will promptly reply.

A new dawn in watch face design 

At Penot we feel technology has brought us to this great time's where we can express our love for Art and Design in the creation of watch faces . Penot would like to thank all companies whose efforts have put the great devises that are digital watches. We hold ourselves to the same responsibility to provide the best watch faces within our styles.

Released and upcomming designs

As of February 28,2017

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Should you have a qustion please let us know. Thank you.

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Features and acknowledgements

PENOT's incursion into watch design is one of careful and meticulous attention to design first. Is for that reason that we inform our customers that our watches are only for time telling. Today's market is awash with all kinds of apps and specifically digital watches come with an array of features in an effort to substitute a phone. We feel there are too many watch faces offering step counting, coffee cup counting, hart beat counting etc..

At this stage we do not provide these features even though they are not discounted in the future. Our watch faces give time, day of the week, month and date much in the way of a regular watch. For now we want beautiful functional and stylish watch faces to complement your wardrobe with an unprecedented look and design.

We appreciate your consideration and understanding.

 At PENOT we know the past is gonne and the future not yet here so all we have is NOW. Please visit our Store.